Accepted Papers

#               Title

  652        Passivity-Based Finite-Time Consensus for Nonlinear Fractional-Order Multi-Agent Systems

  982        Accelerating GNN Inference by Soft Channel Pruning

1124        Identity-based Secure and Efficient Intelligent Inference Framework for IoT-Cloud System

1142        A Multi-object Detection Sampling Algorithm For Large Scenes

1685        Comparative Study on Data Sovereignty Guarantee Technology

2086        Cluster-based Federated Learning Framework for Intrusion Detection

2383        Graph-based Multi-view Partial Multi-label Learning

2549        A HeteSim-Measured algorithm fused semantic features in heterogeneous social networks

2797        A Survey on Hypergraph and Applications

3866        Traffic Speed Prediction of Road Cluster with Heterogeneous Sampling Frequency

4664        The Fast Paillier Decryption with MontgomeryModular Multiplication Based on OpenMP

4894        Multi-selection Attention for Multimodal Aspect-level Sentiment Classification

5164        Deep Just-In-Time Consistent Comment Update via Source Code Changes

6029        Do Not Have Enough Data? An Easy Data Augmentation for Code Summarization

6188        Leveraging Graph to Improve Lexicon Enhanced Chinese Sequence Labelling

6360        Parallel accelerating ultra-long read alignment by vertical partitioning data

7050        Efficient Heuristic Algorithm to Speed up GraphCut in GPU for Image Stitching

7101        Multi-Modal Virtual-Real Fusion based Transformer for Collaborative Perception

7166        An Efficient Ambient Noise Cross-Correlation Algorithm on Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Cluster

7429        Joint Original Space and Latent Space for Multi-view Spectral Clustering

7916        Progressive Differentiable Architecture Search Based Automatic Modulation Classification Method

8006        Output Consensus for Second-Order Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems

8276        Data Augmentation Method for Generating Titles in StackOverflow

8330        Fake news detection method based on multi-feature fusion of entity and structured text

8732        A MPI programming model for fast bird nest detection on the railway catenary

9039        MCVAE: Multi-channel Variational Autoencoder for Anomaly Detection

9548        Structuring Meaningful Code Changes in Developer Community

9650        Information Diffusion with SIRP and SEIRP in Social Networks

9885        Short-term load forecasting method of TPA-LSTNet model based on time series clustering